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Listed below are some of the services we offer. Visit our services page for more.

Computer repairs and upgrades require some of the basic IT knowledge and experience, but this is one of the most common tasks at hand in the IT bussiness. The PC is still one of the most valuable assets in any business.

Laptop repairs and upgrades on the other hand requires a bit more technical knowledge and experienced hands in order to keep everything intact. We have gained valuable experience over the years in order to repair or upgrade your laptop and we are Lenovo certified.

Computer networking is as fundemental as having a computer or laptop in any office. Getting them to work in harmony, access to the right information at the right time saves much time and improves productivity.


Pretoria Branch


Tel: 072 462 9154

Email: richard@romputeg.co.za

Bloemfontein branch


Tel: 062 314 6785

Email: gerrie@romputeg.co.za